Android SeekBar Tutorial With Example

By | April 17, 2019
SeekBar in Android Tutorial Example

What is SeekBar ?

SeekBar is a extension of progressbar to adds dragabble thumbs.You can touch the thumb and drag left to right to set current level or use the arrow keys. SeekBar is used to For Example Brightness Control,Volume Control,Music Control to used on seekBar.

SeekBar is handling Listener provide to SeekBar.OnSeekBarChangeListener use this method.

Methods of SeekBar

onProgressChanged : It is used to change the SeekBar Progress.

onStartTrackingTouch : It is used to start SeekBar Progress when user touch event.user touch the thumb for dragging this method is automatically called.

onStopTrackingTouch : It is used to end of the SeekBar progress when user touch event.when user stop dragging the thumb in this method is called.

Implementation of SeekBar

Create activity_main.xml file and write following code below.

Create File.

Now In this code used to SeekBar in xml file and implement Listener in java file.when user to touch in Seekbar to call onProgressChanged() Method and user to drag to called onStartTrackingTouch() method and display toast message.when user to stop or remove your thumb in SeekBar to called onStopTrackingMethod() called and display toast message.