Android RecyclerView Search Filter Tutorial with Example

By | June 11, 2019
RecyclerView with SearchFilter in Android Tutorial Example

RecyclerView with SearchView in Android

In this Tutorial to create recyclerView with search filter. in this recyclerView used to search item in recyclerView list. i have add search in actionbar and then search data into the list item in recyclerView adapter.

RecyclerView adapter large number of data display in list. you can find easily in search filter. you can type keyword and in this keyword match in list item then display searchable item in recyclerView adapter.

Search filter is created in menu item it is display on actionbar in the can click search icon then its open the input field and then write keyword you want search and then display list item in searchable.

when you can use search filter to implements Filterable class in adapter. In this class used to filter list of item in search item. this class is work on all list item in another list item stored and then find and match keyword in list item you can searchable item.

Search filter is a two method of implementation onQueryTextSubmit and then onQueryTextChange.

onQueryTextSubmit : In this method used to you can input search keyword and then enter in keyboard then display searchable item in is required enter press and then display item. you can not press enter it does not show item in adapter list.

onQueryTextChange : In this method used to you can input search keyword to at a time searching for list item and then display item. it is typed one by one keyword searching for list item. it does not required enter press. it is real time searching list.

Example of RecyclerView with Search Filter

Implement Dependency in app level build.gradle file.

Create activity_main.xml File follow this code.

Create Custom layout xml file in item_row.xml File Follow this Code.

Create Menu in res/menu resource main_menu.xml file Follow this code.

Create File Follow this Code.

Create File Follow this Code.

Create File Follow this Code.

In this Example of Create simple recyclerView with search filter functionality adding.i have create custom layout file and bind the layout in adapter. and create menu file used to create action bar search filter add you can click search icon and input keyword in search filter to display data adapter list you want to searchable.