Android RecyclerView Item Click Listener Tutorial with Example

By | June 9, 2019
RecyclerView ItemClick Listener in Android Tutorial Example

In this Tutorial to implement RecyclerView Custom Item Click Listener in is single click listener and long click listener in adapter to customization.

we can create interface and declared methods on interface and this interface used to recyclerView adapter click listener. and you can declared adapter object to Activity and you can used this interface click event method in interface.

I have simple create recyclerView and then create simple recyclerView adapter and then create click can create long press click event.

ItemClickListener in RecyclerView Example

Create activity_main.xml file And Follow this code.

Create listener_item.xml Layout File Follow this code.

Create File Follow this Code.

Create File follow this Code.

Create Interface file Follow this Code.

RecyclerView ItemClickListener in android Tutorial with Example

In this Example Create a simple RecyclerView and Adapter and then create interface in file. in this file used to ListenerAdapter and Create object of interface and then create setOnItemClickListener() Method and pass ItemListener object.

Interface method is used to Click Listener event in adapter and then Created method on setOnItemClickListener() Called File use before the create adapter object.It can Initialize to adapter object then method name you want to create in adapter and then implement of override method in Interface. then this method to call when user can click on item to display message.