Android RecyclerView CheckBox Tutorial with Example

By | June 9, 2019
RecyclerView with CheckBox in Android Tutorial Example

RecyclerView with CheckBox Android

In this tutorial we can used to recyclerView with checkbox this recyclerView is a every list position to display checkbox.You can checked item in checkbox to position wise declared.

Now this tutorial is simple implements recyclerView and create a custom layout file then declared checkbox and then bind this layout file in the recyclerView adapter and then display list size of adapter layout views.

In this recyclerView you can checked or unchecked item in can multiple item checked or unchecked in this recyclerView.

we can make example of recyclerView with checkbox and how it works in recyclerView with checkbox .

Create activity_main.xml File Following this Code.

Create item_fruits.xml Layout File Follow this Code

Declared String in res/values/strings.xml file Follow and Copy / Paste String array in String Resource.

Create File to Getter and Setter Methods implements.

Create File Follow this Code.

Create File Follow this code.

RecyclerView with CheckBox in Android Tutorial Example

In This Example of used to Simple RecyclerView and create custom layout xml file to declared two textView and checkBox. and then in this layout file bind in recyclerView adapter and declared string resource of string array in item_price and item_fruits. and get this string resource in string array of file and Add List of fruist item. Create class to declared getter setter in name and price of string variable and then one boolean value isSelected.

Now in this list of item to display recyclerView display fruits is list of size.then user can checked in checkbox of list of position to display toast can multiple selected item to display multiple string show in toast message and you can unchecked item to display remove the string of show message.