Android ListView with SearchView Tutorial with Example

By | June 7, 2019
ListView with SearchView in Android Tutorial Example

What is ListView with SearchView ?

In this tutorials is how to create ListView with SearchView in Android. we make the Simple ListView and then list of item show data.And i Using the the default ArrayAdapter.

In this ListView i have make to search functionality in list.when you can searched item in listView.

SearchView in Android

SearchView is a Search item in is display input can Search Text to Display Match the data in listView. SearchView is a search item in listView,RecyclerView.

SearchView is a user can type the character and then display items of list.

SearchView Methods in Android

onQueryTextSubmit(String query) : In this Method used to search query submit and then display searchable can Search the data and click enter to display searchable item.

In this method of used to you can complete keyword write in SearchView and then enter then display show.It is all text entered after then click Enter button press to Search This keyword in list Items.

onQueryTextChange(String newText) : In this method used to search query at the time of text change over SearchView editor.

This method is used to you can type the keyword on one by one character then search character at a time in to listView item. it does not required click is type the keyword and searching the listView in list item.

Example of ListView with SearchView in Android

Create activity_main.xml File Following this code.

Create File Following this code.

Above the Example of i have create simple ListView and then create list and pass the string of list item.In this listView to create SearchView and the implements method of searchView.

You can search keyword to input of searchView and display item of list when you can searchable item.otherwise it does not match item it will not display in searchView. In this Example of used to onQueryTextChange() method. you can only type the keyword and it will search item in list and display listView. it does not required click enter button.