Android ListView with CheckBox Tutorial with Example

By | June 3, 2019
ListView with CheckBox in Android Tutorial Example

In this Tutorial ListView is implements of checkbox.checkbox is a user to checked or unchecked multiple item.It is used to Multiple Item Checked. ListView Provide to Multiple item checked at a same time.and user can access this listView item checked at a same time.

In this example of creating custom layout file and custom adapter of checkbox. because of maintain multiple item in checkbox is checked or it is required of custom layout file and adapter.

In this Tutorial can not used to in Built adapter of listView. it can custom adapter used and Getter and setter method to listView adapter.

How to Create ListView with CheckBox Example ?

Create activity_main.xml File Follow this code.

Create item_row.xml File Following this Code.

Create File Following this code.

Create File Following this Code.

Create File Following this Code.

Above the Example of Create ListView with Checkbox.In this example of create custom XML layout file and create getter and setter data of file.In this file to pass boolean variable to checkbox is checked or not. and the create adapter of listView and bind the XML file of adapter and implement of getter and setter method of user can checked or unchecked to check for condition in checkbox adapter.

When user can checked return true and user can unchecked return false. now file implements of adapter and add item of list and pass the list of adapter.then implements of checkbox Listener to user checked or unchecked to display message of listener methods.And then user can select multiple item in checkbox of listView.