Android Intro Slider using ViewPager Tutorial with Example

By | June 12, 2019
IntroSlider using ViewPager in Android Tutorial Example

what is Intro Slider in Android ?

Intro Slider is  implement a welcome slider screen which is introduces the major features of the app. In this slider is introduction on the app. it can be given where the user can swipe through the sliders before launching the application.

Intro Slider is the first screen in an APP that is used to display the highlights of application during the first launch of the app.

Intro Slider is used to ViewPager Widget in android. it is multiple layout file to display introduction in you app. when you can use Splash screen it can when your app is launched to display some time in background process.

but Intro Slider is a does not background process and timing. it is user can swipe left to right or user can click to bottom button in next previous then it is changes of different different layout design and introduction in you app.

now in this layout file when you can last one is layout file show then click on finish layout to display your main activity screen.

intro slider mostly one time display show when you can first time install app to display intro slider or you can uninstall and then install to display intro slider but it can second time open app to does not display intro slider. many apps is follow this methods.

you can every time display intro slider when your app is launched.

Intro slider use view pager and then create pager adapter to display layout files. now you can one time intro show on your app so you can use shared preference stored value and then check value to one time is displayed or not.

Example of Intro Slider with ViewPager in Android And How to build Intro Slider in Android

Implement dependency in your app level build.gradle file.

Create activity_main.xml File Follow this code.

Create res/drawable resource is active_dots.xml File.

Create res/drawable resource is default_dots.xml File.

Create first_slide.xml layout file follow this code.

Create second_slide.xml layout file follow this code.

Create third_slide.xml layout file follow this code.

Create File Follow this Code.

Create File Follow this Code.

In this Example of create intro slider using view pager. view pager is used to pager adapter in adapter class. and create three layout xml file and design the file and in this layout file to store int array of MainActivity class.and create drawable resource in active_dots and default_dots file. In this file use to user can swipe left to right then change position wise dot.

Now in this example used to view pager listener and then send data to adapter and display adapter. you can swipe left to right then change screen layout file and then final layout file to click start button then display welcome activity screen open.