Android Capture Image from Camera and Select Gallery Tutorial with Example

By | June 13, 2019
Capture Image From Camera in Android Tutorial Example

In this Tutorial Capture Image from camera and select photo from gallery in android.

Capture Image from Camera in Android

Capture Image from camera used to you can declared permission in camera in android manifest file and then you can access the camera and then open camera in built in your device and then capture image to stored internal or external storage.

you can declared another feature is camera hardware in android manifest file. in this feature is does not required to all devices it can be support some device hardware in camera.

you can used camera to define runtime permission to user ask is access camera or not. user can allow the permission to access the camera in your app and then user can deny permission to does not access camera in your app.

Select Photo/Image from Gallery in Android

Now You can select Image from gallery in your app feature. so you can required READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission declared. in this permission to access you internal or external storage and then choose image from gallery.

you in this tutorial to open the context menu and then user can ask to Capture Camera and Gallery option. and user can select camera to open camera and capture the image. and then user can select gallery to open the gallery and then select image. in this image open to used Intent.

Intent add setType() and setAction() method call and then setAction method passed to Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT and send intent is startActivityForResult. now you can add to open gallery and then pick image from gallery.

Now Another is open camera is used to Intent and intent send to MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE. you can add this line to open camera and then captured image.

Example of Capture Photo/Image from Camera and Select Image From Gallery.

Declared Permission in AndroidManifest.xml File.

Create activity_main.xml File Follow this Code.

Create File Follow this Code.

Capture Camera in android tutorial with example

In this Example of used to runtime permission in camera and storage. you can allow this permission and then you can click on button to open dialog and ask two option in camera and gallery you can choose camera and click to open the camera and captured image and display image and you can select gallery open to open gallery in you device and then select the image and display image in you app.